If "America the Beautiful", American democracy, American freedoms, and American civilization are going to survive into the next millennium, we must return to the fundamental principles upon which our great nation was founded:

1. We must remain free to choose our own destinies so long as our choices do not impose upon the rights and freedoms of others.

2. We must return to responsible stewardship of "America the Beautiful" and keep her strong for all times by not wastefully plundering her resources or destroying our wilderness legacy.

3. We must stop the erosion of our right to bear arms as law abiding citizens which our founders knew was necessary for the preservation of democracy.

4. We must demand election reform and stop the prostitution of our electorate to the big moneyed special interests that are despoiling our clean air, our pure water, our precious topsoil, and our once magnificent forests.

5. We must stem the invasion of our country by the population surpluses of those countries that deny their citizens the right to plan their families in a responsible way. We must help our planetary neighbors improve their quality of life, preserve their environments, and educate their citizens or America will be doomed if forced to absorb the starving billions of the third world.

6. We must use the Golden Rule of the New Millennium as the ethical and moral foundation for our actions as individual citizens, businesses and corporations, and governmental agencies.

7. We must reform our health care system to make the rights of the patient and the physician first and return the role of the health care bureaucracy to that of servant of the people.

8. We must reform our educational system to make the student and teacher of first importance and return the role of the administration to that of servant of the people.

9. We must reform our judicial and prison systems to work toward the moral and ethical education of our children and to turn our prisons into secure educational institutions for the humane rehabilitation of convicts rather than institutions of inhumanity which churn out and release angry unemployable people back into the free world.

10. We must stop the war against our citizens and their freedom to choose their own destinies by guaranteeing a woman's rights to have control over her own body; by acknowledging that drug abuse is a medical, not a criminal, problem; by allowing our citizens to worship God according to their own beliefs and spiritual traditions; and by respecting alternative lifestyles.

11. We must guarantee each and every American child access to quality health care, a quality education in quality schools with windows in every classroom, and the right to just be children rather than regimented miniature adults.

12. We must preserve and protect "America the Beautiful" for future generations to come and stop the plunder of our resources and thus insure the future of our great nation.

The American Patriot Party is at this time only a concept. If you feel as I do, that not only is our topsoil eroding but our basic human rights as citizens, please E-mail me.

The American Patriot Party concept is not associated with WWW.RUSSELLMINISTRIES.ORG.

George H. Russell

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